Swiss Cyber Security Days 2024: From Ukraine to quantum computing, from the metaverse to outer space

The Swiss Cyber Security Days (SCSD) will take place on February 20 and 21, 2024 at the BERNEXPO venue in Bern. In addition to many effective, strategic partnerships, the events program stands out in particular. The latter features numerous highlights such as presentations by NATO's Head of Cyber Defense, Christian-Marc Lifländer. High-ranking national and international personalities from the fields of science, defense, administration, business, and civilian life will provide highly topical contributions that impressively highlight the opportunities and risks of global developments in cyberspace. For the first time in the history of the SCSD, international country representatives are also on board.

The Swiss Cyber Security Days (SCSD) will take place on February 20 and 21, 2024. It is the first time the event is held at the BERNEXPO venue in Bern. On the two main stages, high-ranking national and international speakers will spend two days explaining why the threat from cyberspace is one of the greatest dangers of our time - and the critical importance of cyber-resilient societies. The speakers come from the fields of science, research, defense, administration, business, media and civilian life. The varied program will present the latest findings in the field of quantum computing, autonomous robots and artificial intelligence, among other topics; it will also show how secure our satellites in space are, explain Switzerland's cyber security architecture, take us to Ukraine and other countries close to the border and explain from NATO's perspective, why resilient digital infrastructures are of the utmost national importance.

The numerous program highlights at the convention include presentations by high-ranking national and international personalities such as the Head of the Swiss Armed Forces Thomas Süssli, the former Science Director of the US Space Agency Nasa and current head of ETH Space Prof. Dr. Thomas Zurbuchen, Head of NATO Cyber Defense Christian-Marc Lifländer, the presentation on the Metaverse by Dr. Klöss, Head of Consumer Technology at Bitkom, and the African contribution from Kenya on the milestone project in the field of smart cities: Konza Technopolis.

“We are extremely satisfied with the program: once again, it uniquely covers the most important areas of cyber security and combines current geopolitical developments, hot topics, the latest research findings and exciting personalities,” says Doris Fiala, President of the Swiss Cyber Security Days. “The contributions form the perfect basis for classifying socially relevant topics holistically, addressing opportunities and risks and developing further as a community.”

Renowned exhibitors and sponsors as well as international representatives

In addition to partnerships with numerous associations such as the German Bitkom, the Swiss Association of Cities SSV and the Swiss Venture Club, SCSD 2024 can count on many national and international exhibitors and sponsors. These include Bern Economic Development Agency, Cisco Systems (Switzerland) GmbH, Kaspersky Labs Switzerland GmbH, Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM Switzerland, Projekt Kommando Cyber, Suse AG, Dell SA, Trend Micro (Schweiz) AG, Cloudflare GmbH, Sophos Technology GmbH, SailPoint Technologies, Mimecast Germany GmbH, CrowdStrike Switzerland GmbH and Bortoli AG. A total of 80 partners and exhibitors will be represented at the two-day event in the sold-out event hall. “The exciting combination of strong association partnerships, country representations and numerous national and international partners makes me happy,” says Tom Winter, CEO of BERNEXPO AG. “With the Swiss Cyber Security Days, we are putting together another piece of the puzzle that will establish Bern as a congress location beyond the cantonal and national borders.”

Various international representations will be present at the SCSD 2024 to highlight the global networking of cyber security and the importance of international cooperation. For example, Portugal, Ukraine and Pakistan have been secured as country representatives. “It is important for us to show that exchange beyond national borders is extremely important, especially when it comes to cybersecurity, and that international cooperation in the fight against cybercrime is promoted,” says Nicolas Mayencourt, Program Director of the SCSD.

For more information: Media Office Swiss Cyber Security Days 2024 Jürg Walpen, Monbijoustrasse 36, 3011 Bern, +41 79 271 84 17,

the Swiss Cyber Security Days
18 - 19 February 2025

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