A new date, strong partners and the first programme highlights for the Swiss Cyber Security Days SCSD

The Swiss Cyber Security Days SCSD have been rescheduled to 20 and 21 February 2024 and will be held at the BERNEXPO site for the first time. This decision was made collaboratively by all involved partners. In the meantime, preparations are well under way, and the first strategic partners and high-profile speakers have signed up for SCSD 2024. The first highlights of the programme are also already known and promise highly topical and fascinating contributions, which will demonstrate the opportunities and risks of global developments in cyberspace.

The next edition of the Swiss Cyber Security Days will take place at the BERNEXPO site on 20 and 21 February 2024 instead of the initially announced dates of 20 and 21 September 2023. Moving the event to Bern from the previous venue in Freiburg meant that preparations commenced with a delay and the ambitious goals of the SCSD could not be met within the original schedule. The organisational committee of SCSD made the decision to reschedule the event in close coordination with BERNEXPO and all strategic partners. “Rescheduling the SCSD to February 2024 was not an easy decision”, commented Doris Fiala, National Councillor (FDP) and president of the Swiss Cyber Security Days. “We want to organise an unparalleled event in this extremely important field. Together with our partners, we have decided that this postponement will give us time to live up to the high standards people have come to expect from the SCSD.”

In the meantime, preparations for the Swiss Cyber Security Days 2024 are well under way. The organisers have signed up high-profile partners, including Amazon, Cisco, IBM, Kaspersky, Bortoli and national and international top speakers, such as Christoph Schnidrig, Head of Technology Web Services Amazon, and Prof. Dr. Joël Mesot, president of ETH Zürich. Various associations are also on board, for example, the Swiss Venture Club (SVC), the Swiss association of towns and cities (Schweizerischer Gemeinde- und Städteverband), the Swiss association for information security (CLUSIS), and multiple cantonal trade and industry associations.

The first programme highlights of many to come

Meanwhile, the first programme highlights of the two-day Swiss Cyber Security Days have begun to crystallise. They include a particularly noteworthy contribution by Christoph Schnidrig, Head of Technology Web Services Amazon, and Dr Jean-Marc Rickli of the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) and co-chair of the NATO Partnership for Peace Consortium (PfPC) on the topic of emerging technologies. From brain/computer interfaces and self-learning humanoid robots to next-generation facial recognition software, emerging technologies are having a major impact on global stability. What does this mean for society, regulatory frameworks and risk management? Professor Joël Mesot, president of ETH Zürich, will talk about the spheres of influence in which artificial intelligence affects university research. Elisa Torres (17) from Chile, a member of “Girls in Quantum”, will explain the gigantic potential of quantum computing; IBM demonstrates how to use quantum-safe cryptography methods, and the Pour Demain think-tank will award the first ever AI Security Prize. Practical workshops run in collaboration with the Swiss association of towns and cities will enable municipal authorities and SME to protect themselves against cyberattacks with only few resources. ‘Municipalities are especially at risk from cybercrime and cyber-espionage”, explains the association’s director, Christoph Niederberger.. “This type of practically-oriented, best-practices event is a great approach. It allows participants to protect themselves against the increasingly urgent threats from the digital realm.” Other exciting programme items are in progress.

Combining high-ranking national and international speakers, current geopolitical developments, societally relevant focus dialogues and current research insights with the framework of a specialist trade fair held in Bern in February 2024 is an ideal way of closing knowledge gaps among people, society, business and technology, address risks and leverage the resulting opportunities.

Swiss Cyber Security Days SCSD is Switzerland’s leading cybersecurity dialogue and know-how platform. The SCSD events bridges the knowledge gap between technology, business and population, offering policymakers, administrators, experts and users insights into current and future threats as well as innovative solutions. The focus will be on politics, economy, education and research. The platform is an opportunity for all national and international stakeholders to exchange information, share inspiration, and network with politicians, representatives from the federal administration and the business sector and leading cybersecurity experts.

Swiss Cyber Security Days

The fifth edition of the Swiss Cyber Security Days will take place at the BERNEXPO site on 20 and 21 February 2024.

National Councillor Doris Fiala (FDP) is the president of the Swiss Cyber Security Days.

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