Palo Alto Networks Harnessing the Power of a Platform to achieve Zero Trust

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In this breakout the speaker will highlight the transformative benefits and best practices for implementing Palo Alto Networks Native Layer-7 Firewalls to achieve the Zero Trust security model within an enterprise. By adopting a Zero Trust approach, organisations can leverage the native integrations of a platform to move beyond traditional perimeter-based security, embracing a comprehensive framework that scrutinises every user, device, and application, regardless of their location or network entry point.


Ivan Strydom

Ivan Strydom

Sr. Presales Systems Engineer Switzerland

Ivan Strydom has forged a successful career as a Security Engineer with two decades experience in the cyber industry, assisting organisations and federal institutions in the public sector in their digital transformations via the deployment of Enterprise Security Solutions from the Endpoint to the Network and into the Cloud. Ivan regularly attends industry events to share his expertise on security, risk, cybercrime and digital technologies. Ivan has worked for some of the largest Cyber companies in the world including VeriSign, Symantec, McAfee, and currently Palo Alto Networks.

Swiss Cyber Security Days
18. - 19. Februar 2025

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