Media release, 21 February 2024

Successful premiere and looking forward to the SCSD on 18 and 19 February 2025 in Bern

The fifth edition of the Swiss Cyber Security Days was held under the motto "Shaping Cyber Resilience" and took place for the first time in Bern with over 2,200 visitors. The conclusion from the 100 or so presentations: Cyber is a joint task. In order to master the challenge of cyber security and strengthen cross-sector resilience, everyone must make a contribution: politics, education, research, business, the public sector and civil society. It is particularly important that cooperation and knowledge transfer takes place and is further promoted not only at national but also at international level. The date for the Swiss Cyber Security Days at the BERNEXPO site has already been set for 18 and 19 February 2025.

Pictures of the Swiss Cyber Security Days 2024

Media release, 16 February 2024

the Swiss Cyber Security Days
18 - 19 February 2025

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