Google Project Zero: Making 0-day hard

  • Topic: Cyber Security
  • Time: 20.02.2024, 15:30 to 16:00
  • Location: Main Stage
  • Language: German English

Project Zero is a team for applied security research. Its main task is to reduce the impact of 0-day attacks on the end devices used by most people. These are attacks that exploit previously unknown vulnerabilities. The openness with which Project Zero works benefits defenders more than attackers. The team searches for security vulnerabilities in software and takes a transparent approach. Any bugs found are reported to the development teams and patches are released as soon as they are available.

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Natalie Silvanovich

Natalie Silvanovich

Team Leader Project Zero (North America), Google

Silvanovich leads the North American team for Google Project Zero. Previously, she worked in mobile security on the Android Security team at Google and as a team lead in the Security Research Group at BlackBerry, where she worked on finding security issues in mobile software and improving the security of mobile platforms. Outside of work, Natalie enjoys applying her hacking and reverse engineering skills to unusual targets and has spoken at several conferences on the topic of Tamagotchi hacking.

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